Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so far.. quite good..

I'm almost settling all my zachuts.. all that's left is:
  • Pathophysiology: Cardiovascular system (written, oral case and ECG), written Gastro-Intestinal Tract system.

Pathoanatomy: macrosample 4th Colloq, and oral 3rd Colloq.

Pharmacology: 2 tests and 1 Colloq

I guess zachut is not that far ahead..

tomorrow is the last class of Pharmacology and the last Colloq.. i have to settle all the tests tomorrow.. yeay! another zachut!

and next week is the first exam.. my Internal Disease Therapy exam is brought up to next week instead of 30th June..

wahhhh~ takot! takot! dah la mcm byk je lg tak study..


wish me all the best!!!

[cuak squad activated] :P

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