Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moscow Summer - Super Hot!

Moscovites sunbathing by the lake in the middle of the city. (my Russian friend went to Malaysia and did this by Tasik Titiwangsa, kalau tak silap and kene marah! LOL! selambe giler!)

OMG. I am sweating like a pig right now even with the fan spinning right in front of my face.

This is my first Summer in Moscow and it's super hot! I have to endure it for another 2 more weeks. Now I actually wish for the rain to come.

It's never really been this hot before, but Europe has been hit with heatwave! This is the hottest Summer in Moscow ever recorded. Seriously, this country has no moderation. Its either too hot or too cold! and the Russians actually made fun of us since we can't stand the heat and we're from a tropical country. Well, who can actually stand 40C?!!! Not to mention, there are a number of Russian (mostly the elderlies) died due to heat strokes.

It's bad because the day is long. Dawn starts around 3:40 am and dusk at 10:15 pm. Which means the Mr. Sun is out 20 hours a day! and yes, I am already tanned. There's no need to sun bathe. Just stand under the hot Sun. -___-"

Dare to bare! ;)

Oh. I've already finished 2 practical cycles (surgery and obstetrics) and left with one, that is therapy. Things have gone smoothly so far and I hope everything will be settled without any problems. I can't wait to be home! 14 days.

My surgery supervisor - Nikolay Aleksandrovich.

Have a great day. cheers!

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