Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Weekend Getaway

Last Sunday, me, Eugene, Juan, Wei Soon and Sookyee went on a hiking adventure. It was my first time going hiking in Russia. I've never been outside the city before eventhough I've been living here for 5 years! So I was pretty excited since I've always wanted to go to the outskirts but never had the opportunity until now of course! Eugene invited me and Ain. It was his first time too. But Juan, Wei Soon and Sookyee been on these kind of hiking trips numerous times. Just 2 weeks prior to this trip they went on a trip to a lake! There's a group that organize these hiking trips every Sunday.

So, we left the hostel around 8:30 am. Took the metro to Station Komsomol'skaya. We arrived Komsomol'skaya around 9:15 am and waited for others to arrive. Wei Soon and Sookyee arrive a bit later. Ain was supposed to follow us but she suddenly fell sick. Around 9:30 am, the leader made a move, so we all followed him. We exit the metro station and headed towards the Elektrichka Station Yarolavskiy Vokzal. We bought tickets and took the train. Elektrichka train is sort of like KL's Komuter but faster! ;D

The ride took about 1 ½ hour.. We got off at Putilovo station and started walking towards the forest. The forest sort of have 3 levels: The first level we had to go through thick fallen trees and sharp branches. Although the forest isn't really like the kind in Malaysia but sort of more like the forest you see Pooh and his friends lives. heheee..

The second level, we had to endure itchy and stinging bushes. Seriously! those bushes stings! I had no idea at first, I thought it was just some normal flower bushes. It looked normal enough. Then when I tried to push it away, they stinged me! damn! I felt like being bitten by an ant(kerengga) but the pain went away after a minute or two. Still, it felt pretty irritating being sting by multiple flower!

The third level is.. well, there's no forest.. Just a grass field with and a big roadway. Not even a tree to shade us from the hot blazing sun! seriously, I actually felt like I was being grilled under the sun. At this time, we were almost reaching the riverside..

Finally, after about 6 km and 2 hours of walking we reached our destination. The view was gorgeous, and we had some trees to shade us. ;D Some of the russians straight away jumped into the river to cool off. Some of the guys set up the BBQ pit(au natural and all organic). Me and Sookyee went into the water too! The water was so cold despite the weather being so hot! My feet actually went numb and cramp because it was really cold!! And I was the only one not wearing a bikini. They were all asking where's my bikini. I actually felt a bit self-concious because I didn't own a bikini. Even Sookyee was wearing one! -___-"

Later, we ate, we swim, we ate again and swim again.. The russians sunbathe. I didn't feel like I need to sunbathe to be tan.. LOL!

Around 4:30p.m, the leader decided its time to move on and head back to catch the last train to Moscow. So we started packing and clean up.

Oh, how dreadful it is to walk again into the forest! I was already tired of swimming and walking ~6km and now we have to walk another 5-6km back.. I was trying really hard to catch up. Juan was laughing looking at me wobbling here and there trying to keep balance and catch up. LOL!

Thank God, we catch the train right on time! Otherwise I really don't know what would happen.. huhu.. 10-11km hike done! Sookyee told me, this is the shortest hike they've ever participate. Usually, they hike around 20-25km! errkkk! 10km hike pon dah rasa macam nak mati! I really don't know how they do it. I would love to go to this place again. But thinking about going through the forest, the stingy bushes and 10km might change my mind. Unless of course, we could rent a car to get there.. hehee..

When we reach the city, we stopped by McD for dinner. I arrived home around 11 p.m. I did not regret going on this trip! It was so much fun. Too bad Ain couldn't follow us. Maybe within the next couple of years, I might go again. InsyaAllah. :)

On the elektrichka. Pretty excited!

Walking in the forest

The au natural BBQ pit

Resting after hiking

Cooling off in the river

Trying to avoid the stinging bushes

We finally made it to the Elektrichka Station

I got bit by a vampire!! JK! a tree brach poke me. ;(


fzrzk said...

LOL, i like the bite :P
macam best je anna tempat nih. i need a getaway real bad!!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

sangat best!!! I really want to go there again.. but I don't think I remember the way to get there.. takot sesat dalam hutan.. hows working life treating you?