Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remember Me


Ok. I've just finished watching this movie and.... I LOVED IT!!! The ending. OMG! It was totally unexpected, unreadable, plus it made me cry. Not as much as My Sister's Keeper though, but it totally made me cry. Made me miss home and of course, him. iskkk...(>.<)

To those who haven't watch this movie and want to watch it. Please don't read this post.

So anyway, the movie sets in New York. In the beginning of the story, they didn't really tell us what year it was setting in. So I actually thought 2009/2010 since the movie is just released a few months ago and I also thought it was just another sappy drama movie. In the beginning of the story they showed a topic discussion in the lecture hall where Emilie and Robert was having, about terrorism. I guess that was a hint, but in the US, their terrorism issue is really never ending. Didn't really bothered about it until I get the hint at the end of the movie, which is considered a little too late, I guess.. LOL!

So, anyway, the story moves on with Robert (Tyler) falls for Emilie (Ally). Where both of them have daddy issues. Their romance grew, and I love the scenes. The beginning of a relationship always seem so 'euphoric'? haha. I can't really say them in words. I guess if you've been in a relationship you'd know what I mean.

I don't want to spoil so much on the details of the movie. What I want to focus on is the ending! OMG! Seriously, it caught me off guard, absolutely! Can you guess, when the movie was setting on? 2001. Yup. At the end of the movie, the teacher in Caroline's (Tyler's sister) class wrote on the board September 11, 2001. The worst part was, Tyler had to meet his dad at his office, which revealed at the end of the movie located in....tum.tum.tum... The World Trade Centre! *GASP* Yes. I gasped when I found out and yes, sadly, Tyler died. His dad didn't because that was the day he decided to send his daughter to school. Shows us how vulnerable we are to death.

Does anyone ever realised, the US movie production always keep reminding us of the past. Especially, the September 11th tragedy and World War 2. Yes, people move on. but the pain rarely subside. And these movies somehow made us pity the Americans and the Jews. Don't you feel the same? hrmm.. just a food for thought. My rating for this movie: 4/5. Didn't really made me cry enough to give a 5. :P

But I must say, I love the moral of the story. Live in the moments, listen to the people we love the most because death can come at us at any time and we don't know when we might lost the chance.

Cheers people! Have a nice weekend.


cracked bunny said...

i wanna see this and read.hehe.spoiled!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hahaha! ur choice! u've been warned ;)

nad said...

i was reading thru ur post and upon seeing the note "To those who haven't watch this movie and want to watch it. Please don't read this post.", i trus scroll down smp bawah. hahaha.. na tgk plsss! tp mane na cr?

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

download la babe. tp i pun tak igt i dl kat mane. sbb i search gune Vuze. I have it in my harddisk if u want it. ;D