Saturday, June 25, 2011

oh! saya stress!

Why can't travelling be easy?

I'm leaving in less than a week. Just got the train & flight ticket. Place to stay in Rome is partially done. Others? I have no idea. Trying to get Rome settled first before trying to get others.

I feel like screaming at Tviexpress!

Ok. What is TviExpress you ask? It's an MLM company that handles travel services. Sort of a travelling agency, but you have to pay USD250/year, or is it a registration fee? (I'm not sure) and you'll get a free hotel accomodation package. Anyway, my mother signed me up for this saying it'll make travelling easier. She paid.

What makes it difficult is that -

1) Getting the account verified. I had to sent in my IC copy to the person in charge and send him multiple emails to get the job done immediately. And since my mother registered it for me, EVERYTHING WENT INTO HER EMAIL. So I had to call her and message her to get my information! And what a hassle it was that day, she forgot her password.. =.=" So I had to call the secretary and ask her to retrieve her boss' email password. =.="

2) What was written in the certificate was not the same as what was offered once you click to redeem your certificate. What written on the certificate was that we'll get 7 days and 6 nights free accommodation by TviExpress. Being me, always scared of something new, I didn't click redeem certificate, I'm afraid if I have to pay anything or anything unwanted happen. So I kept contacting my mother asking her what to do, and she, being her, always can't give me a full explanation on anything, only gave me the guy's (who is incharge this TviExpress thingy) email. So I kept contacting him, asking for every single details. Until he just asked me to click redeem certificate, did I know that we had 2 choices between 4 days 3 nights in a hotel OR 8 days 7 nights in a resort. Unfortunately, there was no resort in Rome, so I had to make due with a hotel. That's where the problem came, because bB already bought our flight tickets, and planned for us to stay 7 days in Rome since the certificate said 7 DAYS AND 6 NIGHTS! wtf right??? Luar cakap lain, dalam cakap lain!

3) Finding a hotel with taxes & service charge under USD100 with good review is another hassle! oh! you thought you've paid USD250 and everything's done? Nope. You have to pay taxes and service charge according to the list of hotels provided in their website to the person in charge. So I had to pay another USD88 to Mr. Uncle to get my bookings finalized!
And the funny thing is. The amount that I paid USD250+USD88=USD338 for 3 nights and is offering USD 325.06 for 3 nights (Double or Twin Room). Ok, original price is USD 543.20. But still, I could get that offered price now! (nasib baik mama yang bayar USD 250 tu, kalau tak meraung jugak saya)

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4) Ok since I've redeem my certificate, what to do to get another 3 nights in that hotel. I've decided to redeem my mom's certificate. The problem goes back to no 1 - account verification! My mom had this account for like months already, and with Mr. Uncle's procrastination, her account has yet to verified and since it's the weekend, they have not replied and fasten the verification process, and so I can't make my booking for the next 3 days! AND I'M LEAVING ON THE 29TH! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!! SETERESSSSS!!!

Oh dear mother.. how do you expect to promote this thing, when you can't give me any explanations on the booking system or even know how to use the internet or even remember your own email password? Because this business is using the internet and paypal and maybank2u to the fullest! And when I complained to her, the only thing she said was, "first time, memang lah rasa susah". Sigghhhhhh.... 

Hopefully, Mr. Uncle could get it done by tomorrow. If not, such a trouble for us to check out and check in again in another hotel/hostel/apartment. If mama hadn't paid, I wouldn't have bothered about this. But since she paid, it would be a waste not to use it either. Hishhhh.... banyak betul kerja! menyusahkan je! 

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petite girl said...

babe, you have a lot of things to do there. Everything will be fine!