Sunday, June 19, 2011


I must admit that everyone always complain about something. Sometimes they still complain about something that doesn't need complaining. But complains won't come if everyone does a good job. True that we can't satisfy everyone but at least we should do our job with sincerity and hardwork, and try to make everyone happy. It is our duty after all, especially when our job require us to handle people.

I just read Mr. Duncan's blog (he's a Brit married to a Malaysian currently living in Kuantan) where he complained about HTAA poor hospitality.

Lately the medical field has been overwhelmed with a lot of complains. Or is it me that has been reading a lot or is it because I'm graduating soon. Either way, if it's not the doctors that are complaining, it's the patients. I think both complains are directed to the government, and yet we see no improvements.

There will always be lazy workers anywhere you are. But I believe that Malaysian's doctors are a little overworked, but who am I to say, I am still a student. I don't know about that and most of the senior doctors said it's for the better, it'll make us better doctors. Who are we, the students or junior doctors to argue. Even worst, I'm not studying locally, I don't know the system. But when we see patients complains, it just breaks my heart. It is just upsetting. Nurses? no comment.

True, perhaps we became better in curing their diseases but not in treating them. Why do patients feel like we're treating them like crap? Why? Just because they paid RM 1 for our services? They don't deserve at least an explanation about their well being, or their families don't deserve to know about their well being?

I hear doctors complain about patients all the time too. Yes. Sometimes for RM 1 service they do ask us too much, I think. But then again, didn't we chose this job? Didn't we know what was coming for us? Weren't we prepared to treat patients in curing and handling them with care?

I hate when people complains and I hate it more when nothing had been done to solve the matter.

Let's hear this again, my point of view of government hospitals when I start working in 1 year time. Cuakkksss! >.<" Maybe I'll hate it at first, and love it later like Dr. Hannan =)

"Kamu diwajibkan berperang (untuk menentang pencerobohan) sedang peperangan itu ialah perkara yang kamu benci; dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah Yang mengetahui (semuanya itu), sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya."
- Al-Quran (2:216)       


petite girl said...

true enough anna! sometimes when we work the best, other people wont.kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. so at the end of the day, we just do our best!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

yup. Do the best that we can and with sincerity. ;)

Duncan D. Horne said...

I agree with you that I think the doctors here are terribly overworked. As for nurses I don't know. It seems to me that Malaysians are satisfied to settle for mediocrity, and as long as poor service continues, regardless of its causes, the country can never grow.

I hate to complain too, but when my wife and newborn's health is put at risk by a stupid lazy nurse who doesn't do her job properly, what am I supposed to say? Just accept it? Say ' never mind lah'?

Everybody has the freedom to choose their profession, and if you're going to do something, at least do it well!

Duncan In Kuantan

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

I truly hope this is just a phase. Our mentality isn't growing as rapid as our surroundings. I'm really sorry for your experience in the government hospital.

If I could do something about it I would. Maybe once I've become a doctor. I do hope I won't have that kind of attitude towards the patients.