Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lovely Weather

It's Spring! Oh finally! after the longest winter ever! The snow finally melted at the end of April, and leaves started blooming early May. =)

Thank God it hasn't been raining like last year. Last year, it was raining the whole spring. Not the typical russian rain, where it rains in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, but a full day rain or well, in this case weeks! Even my shoes were soaked! ;( Its been sunny for a couple of weeks now, but started drizzling yesterday. I really hope it won't be like last year.

Here's some photos I took of Spring! ^.^

This was a couple of weeks ago,

Even the leaves weren't blooming yet.

This is now! ^.^

Full blown of greenness!

Spring is the season of Tulips! <3

Flowers on trees

This tree has only white flowers on it! Looks like a Sakura tree doesn't it?! <3

Even the dandelions are filling up the green grass!

Why can't it be like this whole year aroud? sighh..

OH! I even bought myself a new camera. Sony W350D. It's pink and even got some "diamonds" on it! hehehee.. bB's been bugging me to get a new camera since last year because well, my camera was 3.2 megapix, and he never know how to take proper pictures with it. Every picture he took just has to be blurry. So I finally bought this one and I'm in love with it! heheheee.. ;D


cracked bunny said...

im loving it :) pinjam pinky comel tu.grr

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Eh. ur white pentax lg canggih dari camera ni kot sha! hehehee.. ;P

Faza Aloha said...

yg white flowers tu sgt cantik .. ^^

nanad said...

omg tulips! n ur cam cute gile pls! i need a new camera too =((

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

faza: everything is beautiful in Spring!! :))
nad: heee.. thank u! cute mcm tuan dia jugak! and cam ni murah gak la.. dalam rm 600++ jee.. sbb tu i beli ^.^