Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm in my forensics cycle now. Just came back from a postmortem procedure.


Ok. I felt a little woozy just thinking about it. Gosh! The smell of fresh corpse. I can't handle them. I can still remember how it smells. Although, I smelled padlepop when the abdomen was opened, and Teena said it smells like durian. Sweet smell of blood I guess. Still, after a while, it gets into your head. I kept squinting whenever I get to close too the body and the smell went through my mask. Ilamathi siap pakai dua mask! Thank God no one fainted.

There were 8 beds in the morgue, with opened & stitched bodies. The room was kinda cool, with the saw & knifes all around. Winda said it looks like a scene in the SAW movie. LOL! but gosh! the smell. And the pathologists didn't even wore masks! They work like butchers! seriously! They used the saw to open up the head. Buka skull macam nak parut kelapa. No kidding!

You wouldn't have guess they dissect dead people for a living.

Anyway, the body we got was a 38 year old female found dead at her apartment. Our teacher checked everything, but the cause of death is still unknown until they receive the lab results. Probably died due to intoxication or overdose in my opinion. There were scars "suicide-attempt-like" on her left wrist and another scar also on the left arm which look like she put out her cigarette with her skin. Maybe she was depressed.

Other findings; she has no uterus & vagina. Maybe she had histerectomy before but there were no operation marking on her abdomen except for appendectomy. She also had some kind of growth in the right lobe of her liver, probably due to metastasis of cancer. Maybe she had Uterine Cancer before, that's why her uterus was missing, which explains the metastasis of the liver.

I love the brain part, where our teacher cut it into slices, showed the brain part by part. Its like flipping through anatomy atlas. He even sliced it to show us the internal capsule, claustrum, etc. Beautiful. Anyone working as pathologist could make an Anatomy Atlas. Definitely NOT in my list. I hate working with corpse. I can't stand their smell. Fresh or the ones kept in formalin solutions.

I'm going to post a picture of the dissected brain. Anyone with weak heart, please don't scroll down.

Its not mine though. I got it from a friend who had Forensics cycle previously. I didn't brought my camera down to the morgue. Sigh. I should have though, I think. :p


petite girl said...

coolness! wah wah wah! i like!!!!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

I know you'd like them! heheee.. ;))

dR Hannah said...

wooooowww!!! superduper cool! we dont have chance to learn like this, by hand. all we got are 'clean and well prepared' corpses for anatomy learning purpose.

eh u guys boleh bawak camera inside? boleh eh amek gambar and post? tak di larang ke? we all nak masok bawak hp pun die tak bg. haih.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

tak tau lah. my group tak bawak camera. ni I got from my friend in another group. Dia ckp cikgu tak marah pon. Diorang kat sini tak kisah sgt pasal humans right..

Azra Yukiko said...

woo, i imagine of CSI when reading this post.