Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear Allah,

My father just had a mild stroke. (according to my mom)

I'm super sad about it. I called my mom just now, she gave the phone to him. it was devastating to hear him trying to talk.

Please pray for his recovery.

"Dear Allah, I love my father and I want him to be healthy. Amin.. "


petite girl said...

anna, be strong! he'll be fine.

nanad said...

im so sorry to hear abt ur dad.. insyaAllah he'll be fine and get well soon. my prayers go out to him and your family. brace urself.

Faza Aloha said...

I hope ur father will recovery soon

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

thanks for ur support guys.. i do hope he'll recover soon..

dR Hannah said...

sorry to hear that. hopefully ur father will recover soon. insyaAllah, he will be healthy again :)

keep praying. we'll pray with you too ^_~ goodluck exam ya!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

thanks peoz!

same goes to you! :)