Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drama Melayu vs Realiti

I'm not a big fan of Malay dramas. I find the story-line always seem to be illogical and over-exaggerated with annoying characters and always with the same type of character.


Well, until recently that is. I was shocked that those Malay dramas actually happens in real life and they're happening among my close friends too. 

I guess the writers write them according to life experience or our culture are easily influenced by what is portrayed by actors and actresses on TV. What a sad life we're living in.


Faza said...

True enough..

dHanna-the-secret-agent said...

itulah. kalau tak, macammane lah depa boleh dapat idea buat drama2 banyak2 camtu kan.

cume... cerita hantu merapek kerepek tu, totally lah bukan dari realiti. haha! geleng kepala tengok filem2 hantu yang macam2.