Thursday, October 11, 2012

For Heaven's Sake, I'm Freaking 25!!!

Why is it when you're staying at your parent's house you're bound to their rules? I can't go anywhere without telling them. There's also the fact, I don't have a car and can't afford to have one yet. I can't go anywhere without my mother. I can't do MY STUFFS. I can't go and meet my boyfriend. I can't just freaking do MY THINGS! I can't leave my room messy, I can't leave my bathroom messy, I can't cook what I want, I can't wake up in the afternoon, I can't be seen sleeping in the afternoon, I just freaking can't.....

For heaven's sake, I'm 25 years old! 26 in 3 months! I've been almost everywhere in Europe. I went out partying and came back at 7 am in the morning on every New Year's eve. I spent every single day with my boyfriend for 5 years! EVERY SINGLE DAY for almost 1826 days. Now I can't even get permission to see my own soon-to-be fiance! I didn't even asked for permission. I just said my plan, and she immediately said "NO! TAK PAYAH NAK MENGADA".

I am having 2nd thoughts about working and staying at my parents place. Eventhough I'll be saving a lot of money but I feel like appealing to work somewhere other than Kuantan. I feel like going away again, if this continues. I am THIS close (putting my thumb and index finger 1 cm apart) THIS close to rebelling. Although, I'm not 18 anymore and that would make look like such a child. Sighhhhhhh...... I just want to run away somewhere.

I want my freedom back.

And I've been spending only one month at home and I'm already feeling like this...

Other than that, my interview will be conducted on the 17th of October. Do wish me luck! I have not prepared anything yet. Well, maybe just about 5%. I do hope everything goes well! InsyaAllah.

Posts on my UK trip will have to wait for awhile. Do be patient. I won't abandon my travelling experience! I hope I'll have the mood and time to write!

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Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Anna,

It can be very stressful at times when you're grown up but your parents don't think you are or still treat you as their 'child'.

Be patient and I'm sure things will work out for you.

Duncan In Kuantan