Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sleepy Head

I am sleepy but I still have 5 subtopics to cover.. urghh.. I so hate reading Cyrillic alphabets sometimes especially when there's new words to discover and some old words that can't seem to stuck in my head no matter how many times I translated them.. sighh.. screw tomorrow.. I'm too tired and I may jump on the bed after this post..

As you know, it's autumn now.. but Mr. Sun is a rare sight lately and the temperature's been fluctuating. It was -3°C last week and it's +8°C today. -___-"

Let's just hope it won't rain again. It's freezing when it rains! plus, my sore throat just got better. I've been feeding myself with doses of Vitamin C. I hate to fall sick!

I shall finish up on chronic pyelonephritis before heading to my comfy bed. Good night peeps. ;)


shogunn_general said...

i baca russian lecture kat internet je... :)

Syaza Suhaimi said...

i hate infectious disease topics. too many antibiotics.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

LOL! I just hate pharmacology entirely because there's too many drugs! ;P