Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Morning

Some amateur editing that I do when I'm bored..

Forget the fact that I'll have pre-exam test on Tuesday, I just have no mood to study, plus I'M SICK!!! UWAAAAAA~! I caught the Influenzavirus from bB! I am having a major headache, with all the drowsiness from the drugs and too much sleep, not to mention the mucous which kept blocking my airways.. hukkk.. ;(

note to self: tu la.. time bB tanya "awak tak takot nnt awak saket ke?" sambil minum teh dari mug bB, confident je jawab, "TAK".. kan dah kene! iskkk.. >,<"


fzrzk said...

ahhh get well sooN!
btw, i love to edit pictures jugak! cuma i dont have fancy photoshop to work with ;)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

haha.. neither do I.. i just download photoscape from the internet.. ;P kalau guna Adobe photoshop mmg sy fail lah!