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Italian Job Part 3: Naples, Capri & Pompeii

Ok.. I've been putting off this post for waaaaaaaayy too long. Lets continue our journey, shall we?

Day 4 [02.07.2010]

It was a 10 hour journey from Venice to Naples. I woke up around 8:00 am with sunlight shimmering on my face. A good sleep indeed! I wasn't only knocked-out, I was almost dead. HAHA! ;p

The bed was quite comfortable. Me and bB had each one side and we had the whole cabin just for ourselves.

Waking up in the train

After fully woken up, we enjoy the scenes. Although the scenery wasn't as pretty as our way to Pisa. Then we bought some breakfast and coffee while enjoying the train ride.

Just woke up and having breakfast

We arrived at Stazione Centrale Napoli around 10 a.m. After boarding off the train, we searched for our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Ideal. It took 3 minutes to walk from the railway station. The hotel is right at the centre and by the road. It looks quite exclusive even though it's small and the cheapest hotels compare to the hotels we stayed in the other Italian cities. Only €23/night.

Naples Railway Station

We could only check in at 1 p.m, so we kept our luggage and hang around the lobby, surfing the net for a bit, then went for lunch. There was a restaurant/cafe next to the hotel, so we just ordered our lunch there. bB ordered risotto and I ordered pasta. After lunch, we checked in, and just lay around in the room, sleeping and resting.

My pasta with mussels

Around 6 p.m, we head out to the city. We wanted to have dinner at L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele. I forgot where we found out about this Pizzeria, a travel channel or youtube, which according to them is the FIRST and most famous pizzeria in town and I found out later that Eat, Pray, Love shot a scene there. So we walked around town, searching for the pizzeria, we went round and round.. It was actually right in front of us, but was so difficult to find! you just have to be there to understand what I meant. We asked policemen and locals for directions but some of them didn't know the street name. haha!

Finally when we found the Pizzeria, there was a looooooonnggg que outside and we had to take numbers. They were serving number 40+ and our ticket was number 60+ or 70+. I forgot. So we took a stroll first. bB thought we should go to the Mollo Beverello Port and buy tickets to Capri. So we walk until the end of the road to ride the trams but no idea where to buy the tickets for public transport. We tried asking the locals, most of them can't speak English but thank God some words are similar to Russian, so we could get by. They told us to buy the biglietti at a tobacco store. We went searching from one tobacco store to another but every store said they've run of stocks. So we decided to just buy it the next day.

The long queue outside the pizzeria

When we returned to the Pizzeria, our number had passed. So we had to wait about 10 minutes to get a seat. So we ordered a normal sized pizza each. I ordered Marinara, and bB ordered Margarita. I liked Margarita better, bB liked Marinara better so we switched. lol! We finished everything! It was fairly cheap for a famous place. A whole pizza costs from €4 to €5 compare to Venice where a slice costs €2! When our tummy were full, we head out to the city again.. While we were strolling about, we found a halal restaurant! Looks like we know where to have dinner tomorrow. *wink*

2 big pizza for us! ^_^

Then I wanted to withdraw some cash. I tried to withdraw €250 but it was denied. Tried a few banks but all was denied. So I got panicked and called Maybank. I didn't know that my laptop had a build-in microphone because I never used it and I didn't bring my headset. So I called maybank with my phone! "press 1, press 2" already costs my RM50, giving my information costs me another RM50, before I could get to explaining my concerns, I was cut off.. credit habis! =.=" So I add in another rm100, and quickly speak about my concerns. With that I found out that before 6 am, you can only withdraw RM1000. Sabar je lah kan.. tak pasal2 habis RM200.. ok.. benda dah lepas, just let go and forget about it..

Day 5 [03.07.2010]

We woke up early and got ready. We walked along Corso Umberto I, took a turn at Via Duomo to Via Nuova Marina where we took a cab to Mollo Beverello which costs about €12. There we bought 2 one-way ticket to Capri, costs us €17/person. We bought a one way ticket because we didn't know what time we going to return to Naples.


It took 1 hour to reach Capri Island from Naples. We embarked from Mollo Beverello Port at 9:30am and reached Capri Island at 10:30am. I slept through most of the journey.

Mount Vesuvius from the sea

When I woke up, I was welcomed with sunny hot weather, warm breeze and crystal clear water. It was breathtaking. Absolute beauty. We didn't do much research on Capri before arriving on the island, so we were pretty much almost clueless when we arrived. We found out that you can buy a whole day ticket which includes the bus ride and funicular (cable car) for €12/person. While we were queuing, a dude offered us 2 tickets that cost €9 per ticket because he decided to rent the scooter instead. He even showed us the receipt. So we took the offer without hesitant and later found out that 1 ticket can't be used.

But the locals didn't really bother, they just let us through even with one ticket and one fake ticket. They didn't really check. I guess because most people go to Capri is loaded with money.

So we rode the Feniculare and the bus to get to Anacapri because we wanted to enter the Blue Grotto. Once we arrived at Anacapri, we walked from the stop and followed the sign to Blue Grotto. We walked down the winding hill road, we thought it was near!! But we walked for almost 1 hour when we found out that there were buses going up and down the hill. Halfway walking down the hill, I decided to wait for the bus because my feet was killing me! And lucky I decided on riding the bus because it was still a long way to go! Would probably take us another hour or more to reach the Grotto by feet. But walking down was fun too, we got to see beautiful little houses by the road.

Breathtaking view of the island

But it was so unfortunate that when we arrived at the Grotto, it was closed! The tide was too high that day. It was so frustrating, because our main plan in Capri to enter the Blue Grotto and IT'S CLOSED! What luck! but lucky we didn't walk down, it would be more frustrating.

I really love this!

Sad because Blue Grotto was closed. =(

So we returned back to Capri and walk around, eat gelato and watch the Faraglioni.


About 5 p.m we went back to the Port because the next ferry back to Naples is at 5:30pm. We bought 2 one-way tickets which cost another €17/person. While waiting for our ferry, I dip my feet into the sea. It was cold and fun! I really wished I had brought my swimsuit or bought a bikini. I feel like jumping into the sea! It was too gorgeous...

Puaskan hati. ^_^

We left Capri Island at 5:30pm and reached Naples around 6:30pm. Then we rest for a while at our hotel, before going out for dinner. We ate at the halal restaurant we found yesterday. The meal was quite cheap and filling. After dinner, we hang around the train station for a bit before returning to the hotel to sleep.

Day 6 [04.07.2011]

Today, we're going to Pompeii. We're taking a tour today. bB booked and deposited the tour from Moscow. After Egypt, we found out that if we're going to a historical place, it's better to follow a tour and get to know the history. Otherwise we would be wasting our time not knowing the place and just for the sake of taking pictures.

So at 10 a.m the tour guide guy (I forgot his name) picked us up at the hotel. We checked out and kept our bags. Then we picked up some more tourists at other hotels before continue our journey to Pompeii. It was quite a short journey. Only 20 minutes from Naples.

I don't really know the details of the tour, how much it costs or which website bB took because he was the one handling it. All I know is that you can choose Scavi Di Pompei+Mount Vesuvius Tour or Just Scavi Di Pompei. We only took the Scavi Di Pompei tour.

First, we made a stop at a seashells carving factory, in front of the Scavi Di Pompei. The lady brief us on seashells carving while the tourguide goes and buy the tickets. The carves was really beautiful but it was really expensive! the cheapest is a really small locket that costs €50!!

He's been carving seashells for 70 years.

End result.

When the tourguide returned with our tickets, we entered the historical site. The tour was really fun. Made me feel like I wanna live in that time, I wanna know what its like. I wish there was a time machine. It would be really fun knowing the truth about the past. ;P

First evidence of what happened to civilization of Pompei

Entrance at Scavi di Pompei

The tour didn't take that long. We returned back to Naples in the afternoon. Took our luggages, bought our tickets to Rome, which costs €10 (if I'm not mistaken), had our lunch at McD's in the Railway Station and board our train at 2:15pm to Rome.

Goodbye Naples! It was such friendly town.

Last Stop, Italian Job Part 4: ROME!

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