Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Yeah. I'm back in Moscow.. back to early classes, running for buses, metro rides and fast internet! plus it's been cold, rainy and gloomy. I hope the sun will appear again soon, before winter comes.

Anyway, as some of you might know. My laptop crashed on Raya eve. I was baffled how I had only used this laptop for a year, and it suddenly just crashed without any signs! I tried to get repaired before flying back to Moscow but as it turned out, my warranty was still valid and Dell was off for a week! I asked them to just repair it but they refused since the warranty was still valid. So I got panicked because I was flying off in 5 days and how am I to survive without my laptop?!

My mom asked to change with my brothers and let them use mine when it's repaired. But they're returning to their places that Monday too, so everyone needed their laptops. In the end my mom asked, "takde kawan yang balik lambat ke?".. And it clicked in my head. Of course there are! Ramai sebenarnya, but I asked Sha Bunny to bring them back because she stays in Kuantan too. It would convenient for my mom. I am eternally grateful to Sha for bringing my laptop back to Moscow. ^_____________________^

So, as always, I would do a summary of my Summer holiday. Lets see what I've been up to.

bB's convocation in Moscow

My Italian Trip

With friends spending their last days in Moscow

Malaysia vs Singapore at Bukit Jalil

Birthday Aunty Nita and Kak Ain

Burgermbira with ex-Smartians

bB's Malaysia Convocation at PICC, KL

Play with rabbits in Batu Pahat with bB.

ex-Smartians reunion & iftar

Buka puasa with Moscow babes

Aidilfitri at home after 6 years. (gambar raya tak pernah lengkap. Abah was late this time. :p)

Shafura wedding, a day before me flying back to Moscow.

I also did my practicals during Ramadan, but didn't capture any picture though. It was really tiring even though I only did 10 days. haha! nak cuti punya pasal..

Well, that was almost what I've been doing for the last 2 months. This year will be my final year in Moscow, and I'm already starting to miss Moscow. But it's a little different spending my year in Moscow this year since bB isn't with me. It's kind of depressing in a way and gets a little lonely. I really hope this is just a phase. It's just 10 months away. I don't want to end my life in Moscow but at the same time, I want to get home and be with bB and my family.

С Новым Учебном  Годом! and Good luck to all RSMU final years.. ;))


cracked bunny said...

hush sweat at all.glad i can help.heee

stay strong holding on ok anna.ive been there.LDR is a challenge.but we r Ruski chicks fo crying out loud!! we'll survive everything.heee


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

yup2.. ni kata2 sbb tak biasa LDR.. huhu.. ;P