Wednesday, August 8, 2012


SO there's this girl in my batch in uni. I've never really been close to her and I find her to be a little loopy most of the time. She's 27 or 28 (I think?), very chubby and had a lot of sickness. One of it is Hypertension. I can't really believe that she has hypertension at her current age! She hasn't reached her 30's and she has this disease!

Anyway, she's been promoting this weight loss/health product called ALPHA LIPID on Facebook. The thing is.... I really don't know how to say this. If you want to promote something, surely you'll need some kind of positive result and feedback from YOURSELF first before you start promoting to other people. I don't know what kind of marketing skills she's using but it's currently somehow annoyed me. I mean, I didn't see any positive result on her when I met her last Sunday on our 2nd convocation in Putrajaya. And she didn't tell people how long she took it before her health and body weight starts to improved.

All I know is, she added me on this group page she created on Alpha Lipid and I left that group page immediately as well as untagged myself from all of her photo "ads". Most of all, I felt somewhat embarrassed and humiliated that she thinks I needed to lose weight! 

I think I'm going to comment on her Facebook timeline to put of a picture of her "before" and "after". Heh..

She should really learn from Raihanna on marketing skills. Just looked at how she promoted HERBALIFE (check out her blog). I mean, she started promoting Herbalife the moment there's an immense improvement on HER health, weight and skin. Not just by other people's positive feedback. Plus, she didn't add anyone to a group or tagged people to promote her stuffs! Even I feel like buying Herbalife after reading her blog and Facebook posts!


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Yes Anna, I agree with you about promoting something which has already worked for yourself.

My wife is 27 and suffers from hypertension so that is possible!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Oh wow! really?? I rarely meet anyone having hypertension before their 30s!

mr.Rock n' Roll said...

Well,what is so surprising these days?