Sunday, May 5, 2013

How clean can it be?

Everyone wants a clean and fair election.

I'm not so much into news nowadays since I start working. Not even into facebook so much anymore either. It's just that I don't have time since I started working to get up to date with all these things..

I didn't even register for voting even though I wanted to. I didn't know why I never had the initiative since I was 21 years old even though I told everyone I'll register. Now? A little to late for this year's election. huhu. InsyaAllah in the next 5 years. I'll vote, if I am still living.

Anyway, they say we're getting cheated, but then again who never gets cheated? Who never lies? Who never cheats? Who never steals? But I've lied before, just so I don't get into trouble, or to gain something. I've lied to the radiologist so that I can get an ultrasound appointment stat for my patient. I've lied so many times, that I've lost count. I've also been cheated, lied to and stolen from. Even from the people nearest  to me.

So if you want to blame the government for manipulating us and lying to us, ask yourself, have you never cheat, lie or steal before? If you say you've never done all those things, then good for you but how many of us are as good as that?

Everyone has their own agendas and from my point of view, everyone is just fucking selfish.

Nothing will change until we ourselves change our mentality. Nothing will change until we ourselves change to be a good and honest person. And if that never happens, we'll never have a clean elections.


Am not claiming I'm voting for PKR, but I must tell you, this balloon really creeps me out!!I can see it from my room window. It turns and turns, and it's like the eye is looking and watching you!!! Reminds me of Sauron from LOTR! Creeepyyyy! >.<"

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petite girl said...

haha it looks like an eye. ILLUMINATI! okay i am just kidding. yeah, for me if someone wants to work dirty, it is not based from which party do they come from, but it depends on individuality. I am sick of hearing people kata BN tu kotor, Pas masuk syurga and vice versa, come on people? :P