Sunday, January 16, 2011


yup. It's my 24th birthday today. =)

I wasn't too psyched about today's day because 1st - I'm sick, and 2nd- exam's not over yet. I even requested bB that I don't want to celebrate it because I didn't have any mood. I told him we could celebrate after exam's over.

but being a dear darling, he ignored my request and woke me up at 12 a.m (I was drowsy with all the drugs in my body system, I fell asleep at 11 p.m) with a bunch of people in my room singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!". Siap ada guitar lagi tu! Imagine waking up to that situation. gila shocking! I quickly covered my face with my blanket. I can't imagine how I look. Must be horrible, with the runny nose, and muka sembab! horrible2.. They even recorded the moment! Have to ask Fareez for the video and see how horrible I looked. *HORROR!*

but I got up lah of course. It would be impolite to just stay in bed and I'm not that vain. I blew out the candles (they used the trick candle! As if I'm not tired enough, I have to blow the candle multiple times and it still didn't go out! the guys had to blow it out. :P)

We all ate the cake, which is superbly delicious!!! and had some funny moments. ;)

I am very happy and blessed to be living till this day. Hope to have lots more birthdays in the future. Thank you bB for the surprise birthday! I'll remember it forever. I love you lots!

p/s: I wished I wasn't sick though.


petite girl said...


i wish i can meet u soon anna.u are so nice and i hope you'll be cheerful always

dr anna!:)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

thanks dr.ann!
insyaAllah, one day.. ;)