Sunday, July 24, 2011

Italian Job Part 2: Venice

We spent 2 days 2 nights in Venice.

We arrived around 4:30pm from Florence and search for our hotel immediately. We stayed at Adua Hotel. It was near the grand canal and about 5 minutes walk from the Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia.

After checking in, we decided to have a little rest. The hotel is really cute. The room is small and several rooms shared a bathroom but it's air-conditioned, has a WiFi and a common kitchen.

At about 6 pm, we went for a little walk around Venice. We didn't go too far. Just around the Grand Canal, checking out gondolas, and looking for food. We checked in the net before we head out if there was any halal restaurants around. After checking the address we went out searching for it. Unfortunately, it was closed. Not sure if there was any other halal restaurants because we didn't find any other. So we opt for a cafe.

The Grand Canal right in front of the Santa Lucia Railway Station.

Small canals in Venice

After checking out the prices in the menu and me being very hungry (it was already 8pm by then), we just pick a cafe and ordered. I ordered a simple plate of Spaghetti with tomato sauce & cheese and bB ordered Rissoto because he wanted rice. But when the rice came, it looked more like a porridge than rice to us. Dinner was good but it was a little pricey.. erkk! >.<"

The Spaghetti I ordered.. yummehh~

After dinner, we walk around some more. Enjoying the night in Venice. The place is so calm and romantic. Not being too hot, and the wind was cooling. There's no cars in Venice. Just boats and people walking which make it even more calmer. We hang out for a while by the canal, watching people having dinner in cafes and listening to music. It was truly a romantic night.

My favourite spot & moment in Venice. It was quite, calm and fun watching the gondolas passing by.
A night in Venice

Day 3 [01.07.2011]

We woke up early in the morning. Got ready and made Maggie Curry that I brought as our breakfast (budget breakfast). After breakfast, we checked out and kept our bags in the store and head out to the Railway Station to buy the reservation ticket to Napoli. We're sleeping in the train tonight! Costs us €30/person for a bed. Then we bought the 12 hours Waterbus ticket to get around Venice, costs us €18/person.

Gelato!! All the flavour you can choose!

We wanted to ride the gondola. We asked for the price, and guess how much it costs?! €100 for 40 minutes!!! which is so not worth it. I'd rather spend €100 on food! So then we rode the waterbus to the Realto which is the biggest and oldest bridge in Venice. After taking some photos with the bridge, we head out to San Marco & Dodge's Palace. We spent quite a while there. Walking around and taking pictures.

The Realto Bridge

Piazza San Marco & Dodge's Palace

Basilica di San Marco

At about 1 p.m we returned to Ferrovia to have lunch. There's this one restaurant that sold a pretty cheap pizza. About €2/slice.. It's a pretty big slice! It's the cheapest we found in Venice. After lunch, we head out to Murano and Burano Island.

Murano Island is an Island that produces glass. There are pretty glass shops & souvenirs sold on that island. The chandeliers are so beautiful. But I didn't buy any of it. It's was pretty and all, but there's nothing cheap that suits my taste.

Even flowers on the balcony are made of glass! lol!

Then we took another boat to Burano Island. This island is like a fishermen island, with small-multiple coloured houses. There aren't that many tourist in this island. It's very serene and calm. We just hang there for a while and watch the sun sets. It was beautiful.

The most colourful houses you've ever seen!

View of the ocean. I love the serenity.

About 8p.m, we took the waterbus back to Venice. Reached Ferrovia around 9:30pm. We took our bags and had dinner at the same Pizzeria where we had lunch. Then we board our train to Naples at 11:30 p.m.

Final waterbus ride back to Ferrovia.

I was knocked out as soon as the train moved.

Next Stop; Italian Job Part 3: Naples, Capri & Pompeii.

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