Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Heat

Packing for home now..

A bag is now full of clothes.. I'm bringing back 70% of my clothes from 6 years ago.. I don't want to be all "kelam-kabut" next year when I graduate. Although I still think I might have to ask my mom(if she's coming to my graduation ceremony. InsyaAllah) to bring another empty bag. I have too many clothes!! and most of them I've not worn for years!!!

I regretted not bringing some of them back last year.

I wish I have some magical powers so I can clean ALL THIS MESS!!! I just finished folding all my washed clothes. I hate cleaning, I hate tidying up and packing! arghh.. it consumes too much energy & time! And I feel like I'm moving too slow... everything is a mess! My room is a total mess! I feel all stressed out looking at all this mess!

Now I'm looking at my shelves.. There are papers with scribbles, old receipts, notes since matrix (1 sem punya notes pun nak bawak.. adoi).. I thought I'd be using it, shows the internet was more useful.. :P Now I don't know what to do with them.. Should I just throw them away or give them to new students coming in next sem? I truly hate throwing away knowledge. I still have my SPM notes at home. But then again, what are knowledge on paper when you don't have them in your heart and mind, right? And plus, internet access is so easy nowadays that I'm really having trouble deciding on these words on papers. Will there be anyone who would want them?.. Should I just throw them away? Having a tough time deciding. I know its not like I will read them.. But what if I do need to read them one day? Words on paper, and words coming from lecturer's experience is totally different..

And what am I doing with all these handbags?? wuuuu... I have this habit of keeping old stuffs.. Unless their ruin or broken, I will keep them FOREVER! It's such a bad habit.. but I'm very sentimental and I feel like things have feelings. Blame "Karangan Darjah 1" -  Aku Sebatang Pen, Aku Sebuah Beg, Aku Sebatang Payung, Aku Sepasang Kasut, and it goes on. Its stuck with me ever since! and bB said its bad to think that way...

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too tired now.. and looking at this messy room makes me even more tired!

I'm out peeps.. later..

Some fresh raspberries I picked at Botanical Garden just now.. Not fully ripe yet, but I still love them!

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