Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Season of the Slush

Spring is coming.

Yesterday it was +1°C, the snow was melting.. slushes of snow were all over the place. My shoes, even my socks became wet! blerghhh.. I hate this time of the season.. everything is so yucky!

Then this morning I saw the temperature was still +1°C. It was such a pretty, sunny day. BUT as soon as I got out of the main door of my hostel, the road was covered with ice!! WTH right?! I was slipping and sliding trying to get to class. Plus I was late! It didn't help at all. >.< And it was a super windy day! My eyes was tearing up!

By noon, a sudden snow blizzard came! Big, THICK snow falling from the sky !!! The thick snow practically covered my face and going into my mouth!

I'll never get the weather here. -___-"

Well, at least it's not cold anymore. My last battle with the snow... =P


dHanna-the-secret-agent said...

huwaaaaaaaa!~~~ i always wanted to the snoowww falling. kecewa, masa datang europe, snow tak turun2. tahu2 ajee lah. kecewa~

i baru sekali je pergi main snow kat oz. itupun kat atas bukit gunung. kalau tak, memang tade harapan nak jumpe snow. (tipikal malaysian student, pergi oversea nak tgok snow, jakuuunnn) eleh jap lagi ada snow mulelah tanak snow pulak kannn. im sure u are well-tolerant dgn kesejukan winter oz yg tak seberape ini~

selamaaat anna, last year! nnt u surely miss the snow bile melekit2 peluh2 kat hospital kuantan tu. hihi ;p

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

larr.. u pergi Europe belah bawah2 mmg la tak snow.. kalau u pergi Estonia ke, Switzerland ke, Berlin ke.. confirm banyak snow!!! Kitorang pilih Spain & Portugal sebab nak lari dari SNOW! LOL!

kat sini snow berlambak2... but actually, I LOVE SNOOOOOOOOWWWW!! I just don't like the melted snow a.k.a slushes!! annoying stuff!

I'll definitely will miss the winter..

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Anna, I remember well that sort of weather when I used to live in England. So horrible!

Duncan In Kuantan

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Tell me about it!! >_<

dHanna-the-secret-agent said...

itulah. sebab my frens nak lari dari snow, so i follow aje laahh. anyway, i went to berlin jugak. tapi snow, yilleekkkkk! :p

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

owh ye ke? u pergi awal sangat kot.. Snow lambat sket tahun ni.. Even kat Moscow, mid January baru started snowing properly... before that, snow, cair, snow, cair...