Friday, March 16, 2012

How Long Can It Get?

So, one of my friend asked me how long does it take to keep my hair this long...

I always kept my hair long.. So to ask how long have I kept my hair long is such a tricky question... 

Before I came to Moscow, I had my hair trimmed which was in August 2011..

This was the lenght of my hair in September 2011.

And... this was the result after 7 months of not going to the hair saloon:

They practically reached my L3-L4! 

The weird part was, during my winter trip.. my hair was growing at an outrageous speed! I have no idea why. But everyone noticed. Za was of course the first one who noticed and asked, "Doesn't anyone realised Anna's hair is getting really long?" Yup. They were and they were getting tangled and split ends. Not to mention, Sintra and Madrid was really WINDY! It didn't help my hair at all.. and also my comb broke because they were getting too thick and long... No kidding! I've lost count how many combs I've broke.. 

So I cut them...

That's the lenght of my hair now.. I got it cut 3 weeks ago..  cut about 3 inches off.. 
and Oh! That's Elyn.. We went ice skating on Women's Day.. ;)

Anyway, the shortest my hair had been was in 2009. That was because I permed my hair in 2008 that my hair got really spoiled, dry and split ends were all over.. So I chopped everything off...

I never chop my hair off again after 2009. I just can't live with short hair. They're not me. I love my long hair too much! Just the usual trims from time to time..

It probably took me a year to get back my long hair... or maybe less? I can't say. My hair just grows really fast! That's why I wasn't like in a total chaos moment when bB accidentally cut my fringe shorter than he should... If you remember BAD HAIR DAY  =P They were normal again after 3 weeks.


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Anna, that's such a beautiful picture, the first one. Where was that taken?

Duncan In Kuantan

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Oh! Hi Duncan! It was taken on top on Moorish Castle in Sintra, Portugal! Gorgeous view isn't it?!!