Friday, July 13, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Things to do before going home:

  1. pack stuffs for cargo  dalam borang tulis 25KG, harini timbang 30KG derr!!!! ahhh! hopefully everything will be fine tomorrow >_<
  2. go to airport to send cargo Alhamdulillah. All done. Hopefully it'll arrive safely in KLIA on Tuesday.
  3. buy souvenirs and stuffs friends requested tak sempat nak belikan Farah punya labcoat je. Lambat sangat bagitau
  4. send clothes to charity  tetiba rasa sayang la plak barang2 yang dah dipergi, takkan kembali. ;(
  5. give juniors some more stuffs
  6. start packing for home
  7. Just left little stuffs to be put in my backpack and handbag.

I'm tired............ =___=