Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer Before Employment: Amsterdam 2.0

I'm debating whether I should write another post about my trip to Amsterdam since this is my 2nd time there. Last time I went there I spent 3 days. This time was 3 days as well except that it was split into 2, first 2 days in Amsterdam before moving on to Brussels, London and Manchester and the last day before flying back to Malaysia, we spent almost 9 hours in Amsterdam.

This was my first post on Amsterdam in year 2010

Last time I went it was in Winter, this time it was late Summer. Of course, Summer in Europe is so much better unless you want to experience the snow. The weather this time was just nice, the wind was cold but the sun was hot. I love this weather!

Anyway, this trip didn't differ much with the last one. Amsterdam is quite small. You can do everything in 2-3 days.

This was my brother's first time in Europe. He got a bit of a culture shock in the beginning, but he loved the peacefulness of Amsterdam.

We arrived around 9 AM at Schiphol Airport. Got our luggage, bought the public transport 48-hour pass (OV-Chipcard), and bought train tickets which costs €4.30 one way each from Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal Station. If you have a credit card you can just use the machine which is much much cheaper than going to the counter which is in front of Burger King. Unfortunately there was a problem with my bro's credit card. The machine couldn't read it. So we had to go to the counter.

We arrived at Centraal at about 11 AM and made way to our hotel. This time we stayed at Tourist Inn Hotel. The hotel was okay. The room was really small and we had to use the common bathroom, but it's okay for 2 nights. Also, I lost the watch bB gave me for our 2nd anniversary in the bathroom. Carelessly left it there and there you go, it went missing. Only realized the watch was missing after 5 hours. Sigh..

Only 2 things I added in this trip. This time was we took the time to visit the Van Gogh museum and we took the canal cruise on the last day of our trip before heading to the airport for our flight back to KL because we were so bored out of our mind. We just didn't know what else to do in Amsterdam. Haha.. Getting 'high' wasn't part of the plan.

Well, anyway, since I've already posted about Amsterdam before, I don't think I'd want to waste writing the same thing all over again. So let me just let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

At Damrak

Feeding pigeons at Dam Square

Heeee.... :">

Between Damrak and Red Light District

Cool Graffiti! Unfortunately I can't remember the street name

More Graffiti!!

At Beginjhof Garden. I don't remember entering here last time. Anyway, only single women over 30s are allowed to buy a house in here. ;)

Typical Amsterdam shot.

with Mattie the Free Tour guide!

Torture museum!

De Dampkring. We didn't chill here because it was full!!!

I was so sad the SEX SHOP sign is no longer there. =(

Chilling at Bulldog Coffeeshop ;)


Beautiful street.

Amsterdam Dungeon!

In front of the Rijksmuseum

Bicycle Tour

Me and bro's

On the wall of the Van Gogh Museum. Pretty Awesome right?!

Queuing to enter the Van Gogh Museum. (Why is the guy behind us looking so creepy?)

Lunch at Burgerking! Fish King is the best!!

Hard Rock Cafe

Magna Plaza

Inside Magna Plaza. Reminds me of GUM. Not many shops though. #disappointed

Walking and walking...

*Super Mario sound effect*

Something not to be missed in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Centraal. Off to Brussels!!!

Well, we came back to Amsterdam on the last day. So I'll post those pictures later.

Next, Brussels Sprout! haha. =P

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