Friday, September 21, 2012

How do I do this?

I don't tend to ignore a person, but every time I get friendly, boys tend to get the wrong idea. 

Every time we talk, I'd tell him about my boyfriend, and I can see that he doesn't like hearing about it, but he must've known I'm not giving any positive feedback to him. 

I don't understand why he's still trying. I told him not to call me 'dear' or 'love'. I've ignored him multiple times. I didn't even give him my phone number, even when he gave me mine. I've gave multiple reasons not to meet him.

I can't stand how he's always telling me how sweet I am, how cute I am, how pretty I am. Oh, it's so not me! I know I'm not sweet. I might have a sweet smile though. And I'm not THAT pretty. It's so annoying when guys try to get your attention by telling you how beautiful your physical is without truly actually knowing you. But I don't want him to know me. I just don't want to get near him.

I know guys won't be friend with girls if they don't have a slightest hope that the girl will be theirs. Unless he's a childhood friend who considers the relationship like brother and sister.

Some guys are charming, and that's a talent. I like guys who don't show that he likes the girl. That doesn't make it too obvious. Who just sneaks in and steal my heart. I think you all know who that is. ;)

But oh my God! This guy is not giving up!!! Until one time I actually  had to set "appear offline" to this guy because I just don't have time to chat about silly, empty things. If it's not important, don't buzz me, don't say 'hi', don't ask me what I am doing currently. It's none of your importance. Even my own boyfriend doesn't buzz me or call me every single day. I like that space.

I just hope he's like all the other guys that tried to hit on me. I just hope it's just a phase and they'll move on and ignore me. It's not like I don't like the attention. I love it, I love to know that I still have a price in the 'market', but right now the only attention I'm craving from is my boyfriend. 

I really don't know how to say 'no' to him without breaking his heart. Because breaking a guy's heart has too many consequences. Even though it's not even my fault. Who the hell asked him to play with fire or to let himself drown in something that won't even be possible? He told me he's not hitting on me, but he's just trying to get to know me better. Yeah, right. Why do you want to know me better? hrmmm...


Danial said...

Hang pi layan bak pa... senang ja nak tau laki ngorat hang ke tak..
ayat dia ckp dengan hang mesti lain dgn kawan yang lain.. haaa

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

tak layan pon! layan macam i layan you je danial! macam kawan2 biasa je.. dia je yang lebey2... dah banyak kali ignore dah...