Tuesday, September 23, 2008

got me thinking all over again

guys.. they can such such SUCH an idiot sometimes! they act stupid and careless.. making their own judgement without your consent! really!

i don't care if you make me cry because of sadness, i would be thrilled if you made me cry for happiness but NEVER, EVER, make me cry because of anger! NEVER! don't make me feel so angry until i cry.. because its bad.. it just suck! I'll hate you for it.. and when i hate u.. I'll start thinking about breaking up.. and i don't want to break up because i love you.. but had to make me angry, you had to make me cry.. you- urgh!! i don't even know what to call you anymore coz you'll just do it again!!

I'm already imagining about breaking up.. that's just bad, that's really bad.. coz one day, when i say it, I'll mean it.. I'll be serious about it.. but you don't know that.. u never ask.. and i had to post it on a stupid blog just for you and the whole world probably to find out.. and you'll get mad at me for writing something personal.. but i don't care.. because you don't seem care! and then you'd say that I'm unappreciative.. coz u done more things for me than i realize.. sure2.. except you missed the part of NOT MAKING ME CRY..

Human aren't supposed to be perfect.. but you're supposed to be perfect for me.. that's why i chose you.. now u just got me thinking all over again..

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