Saturday, September 13, 2008

Selamat berpuasa~!

17 days till raya~!! hehehe..
well, i've been back in moscow for almost a week now, classes have begun when i got here.. but there's not much catching up to do since most classes were cancelled or just learning the introduction during the first week.
i have just officially unpacked everything in my bag and rearrange my wardrobe cupboard.
well, there's nothing much to do and nothing much going on anyway. it has been a hectic week. i didnt even have the time to actually catch up with my classmates..
some of my classes are held in hospitals.. travelling to class is so tiresome!! - have to wake up early, have to stand in the metro, have to take the bus, have to walk... really! :(
and owh! ipan's room is infested with cockroaches!! really! it is so disgusting! so we decided to put some "ubat bunuh lipas" around his room and all the lipas went berzerk yesterday.. they were falling, coming out of everywhere and landed everywhere even on my hands!! yuck! i feel like i was paranoid being in that room! I HATE COCKROACHES! so last night we put the bug poison and today there were so many dead cockroaches on the floor.. creepy..
so anyway.. that's all i guess.. and owh! my roomate got a new boyfriend! huhu..

1 comment:

Hannan said...

good luck Anna with the new semester!
biasa la tu
masuk clinical mmg letih sket
tapi lama2 occay la
u'll start to enjoy it!!!

p/s- kitorang lepas gune kitchen mmg selalu kemaskan. tapi ade jugak certain group yg gune x kemas...