Saturday, October 18, 2008

kumen's bday

last week, we had a surprise bday for kumar a.k.a kumen... :)

actually his bday had pass for almost a month already but we all were just so busy... finally, a date was decided to held the party - 9.10.2008.

the whole classmates attended and the theme was "black&white"..

so, that night, all of us got ready and went to Dom 35, to kumen's room... sugan prepared the room, and we waited for kumen to come back, coz he went out for a while....

we ordered PAPA JOHN's pizza for the night and unfortunately, there was no birthday cake.. but everything went great!!

eikin sedih kelaparan, menunggu kedatangan bday boy [well, actually, everyone was]

"surprised" bday boy came in

makan-makan.. yum-yum!

the pizzas of the day [or night] :)

the boys and girls in black and white[except the bday boy]

kumar's dicipline teacher [that's what he called sasha]

promoting Papa John's Pizza

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