Thursday, November 27, 2008

don't let the bed bugs bite

you know how the phrase goes "Good night, Don't let the bed bugs bite"... yeah.. unfortunately, not letting the bed bugs bite during sleep is not as easy as the phrase says.. lol~!!

i always get bitten by bed bugs.. i don't know why.. i never seen it bit bB or my roommate.. :(

it wouldn't have gotten this red if i tak jirus dengan air panas.. but it was so itchy that i couldn't stand it.. and you're not supposed to scratch it.. so the only way for not scratching is to pour with hot water, which i think is better than scratching.. at least the itch went away... :) now all I need is a week for the scars to go away... huhuhu..

selalu kaki yang jadi mangsa gigitan bed bugs.. (better leg than any other parts.. thank God!)


magma3637 said...

why dont you get some ubat sapu for that, it'll relief the itch (",)y

little bunny in the city said...

hey anna.

same goes to me before
my 1st time tho.been fussing all around bout it.weee

my leg was worse then urs.
so i didnt dare to upload any pic of the leg part.hideous

try calamine lotion.
or tetracycline instead.
it helps


farisa zaffa razak said...

ouch! mcm mana plak ur bed ade bug nihh.

anyways, jgn garu! (mcm semua org dah ckp, tp nak ckp jugak) . alah, no worry of the scars hehe. my scar i got since i was 6 pon dah nak hilang :P

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

no worries.. i mmg slalu kene gigit bed bug pon.. not sure from my room or ipan's room.. yang peliknye roomate i ngn ipan takde pon kene.. aishh.. :(
it usually fades away in a week..
thanks for caring everyone!! :)