Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Day 5 without hot water.

The truth is I don't mind bathing with cold water, but the cold water here is like ICE COLD! like really really really COLD! if you put your fingers under the running water long enough, I think you could get frost bites! seriously! Imagine bathing with ice water! I'm not joking! and the weather isn't helping either! It's been gloomy and cold and rainy the whole week. Talk about bad timing.

But being me, I am the most laziest person you could have ever met! I'm too lazy to boil hot water. I'm too lazy to wait for the water to be boiled. So, 'ice ice baby' here I come! I've been doing this for 5 days now. Well, I only bathe once a day though. The weather is cold, so no stinky, sweaty me. :)

I've had my bath 2 hours ago. I'm wearing my sweater and absorbing heat from my laptop and my study lamp. I feel like the water is getting colder day by day. shit! I think I'll start boiling water tomorrow. There's no way I'm bathing with cold water 2 weeks straight in this weather! brrrrrr~

I shouldn't be complaining. This stuff happens every year. They need to clean the water pipes. It's not only the hostel, It's the whole of Moscow (or maybe Russia). It's not it's the first time. But damn it! the timing is so damn bad!! if it was a hot summer day, I really wouldn't mind bathing with this cold water. I've been doing it every year for 5 years!!!

Post-bathe with cold water syndromes: goosebumps that doesn't go away after 2 hours, dry skin, tachycardia, shortness of breath, brain freeze, muscle pain, shivering, tingling effect (kebas) of your fingers and toes for a couple of hours and feeling so damn HUNGRY! :(

now I need to take my Wudu'. (T.T)

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