Monday, May 3, 2010

still in doubt..

updates on my current quest of online shopping.. ;P

so, in the end, I decided NOT to buy the mp3 player because after much thought about it.. I don't actually need an mp3 player and after much discussion with bB, he thinks I'm better off without one because I haven't got any luck with the previous 2 mp3 player I owned and I don't actually use them.. so scratch another item on my wishlist..

Right now, I'm currently searching far and wide for the most reasonable price on the Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette.. and since I already scratched 2 items on my wishlist, I guess I could spend more on this Book of Shadows.. :)) and I'm currently looking at the "Buy It Now" section and there's one that actually looked quite reasonable.. GBP 44.99.. The seller previously sold it at GBP40.00 and someone bought it. Now, I'm regretting not buying it earlier.. I was still kind of in doubt..

although, I have no idea why I am still so scared to make a purchase right now. I just have to get bB's opinion on this thing! should I wait a little while until the price go down a little? or should I just make the purchase now? the price is quite reasonable.. and I am quite scared that someone else would make the purchase, but I'm kinda hoping the seller would reduce the price just a bit more.. *sigh*

later peeps..

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