Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love and Lesbians

I'm in a situation, AT A PARTY. where I'm sitting between a lesbian girl and a straight guy. I must admit, the lesbian is quite pretty, and I've had a thing for girls before, but never been in a relationship with one.

Ok, back to the story. I'm sitting there, and the lesbian girl starts to 'manja2' with me. You know, hold hands, hugging, lay down on my lap, talking, laughing etc.. but I don't have feelings for her (yet), but she looks like she might have one on me. The guy is just a friend and nothing more. Well, he has a girlfriend. So what do I matter to him, right?

So, in this situation, the lesbian girl is holding and hugging me, where else the guy, just hold my hand to help me get up. Which one would you be mad at? Would you be mad at me for holding the guy's hand, or would you be mad at me for hugging the lesbian?

Realize this: I might be a bisexual. oh, who knows?


petite girl said...

hmm, should i say it's normal to have that feeling?:P

cik mun said...