Monday, November 12, 2012

Wandering in Manchester, UK


We arrived in Piccadilly Railway Station few minutes after midnight. Ummi came with her housemate Zareen to pick us up. Ummi is a friend of my blogger friend Ann Farah. Personally, I've never met Ann before, we're just friends through our blogs and Facebook.

I didn't know who else to contact for a night's stay in Manchester because most of my friends already graduated and back home. After a serious of thoughts, Ann pops up into my head! Thank Allah for her! She introduced me to Ummi and she agreed to give me and my bro a night to stay at her place. Alhamdulillah... :))

I was hoping to meet Ann in UK, but unfortunately with her busy schedule (since she's a medical student as well, I totally understood), she couldn't make it to neither London nor Manchester from Cardiff. InsyaAllah, jodoh mungkin hari lain ye Ann! :)

Manchester was super duper cold the night we arrived! I was actually shivering and my teeth chattered!! Plus the rain doesn't make it better either.

We got onto the Magic Bus, bought day rider pass which costs £3.90 each. It's unlimited until the next day 4  a.m. Ummi's house wasn't that far from the centre. It was easy to get around.

Ummi and her housemate made us feel very comfortable and very welcome. :)

We were so tired from the trip, after shower, we fell asleep immediately.

We woke up around 10 AM. Ummi and Mimi went out very early in the morning to fetch new students from the airport to help them settle in their new place. So Zareen were the only person left at home.

We got ready and had breakfast which they already made for us. Awwww... While having our breakfast, Ummi and Mimi came back. So we chatted a little, to get to know each other. They asked us where we're planning to go, we just told them we wanted to check out the Old Trafford.

So they told us which bus to take to get to Old Trafford. It was pretty easy to get there. You can't really miss the big Stadium! The bus stops right in front of the Stadium.

So, we registered ourselves and bought the tickets for the tour.

This is the only Stadium Tour that I've been to that had tour guides. Although, I find it very time limited with tour guides because they won't really wait for you. Once, we actually got stuck in between doors because we were too busy taking pictures. =P But the tour was still awesome! ;))

So then after the tours, we did some shopping, and spent more time in the Museum until they closes.

Man thought of visiting the Manchester City Stadium, but when we arrived at Piccadilly Square, it was already 7 PM and getting darker. So we end up shopping at Primark (because the price there was insanely CHEAP!) and around Market Street. It sad that the stores closes at 8 PM though. We didn't have much time to shop. Then we went to Exchange Square to check out their Hard Rock Cafe.

We got back by 9 PM, and Ummi was already calling us because she got worried. Awwww..

Then we had a little nap before heading to the airport at 3:40 AM, since our flight back to Amsterdam will be at 7 AM.

Anyway, enjoy some photos taken in Manchester!

Off to Manchester via Virgin Train! 

Riding the upper deck on the Magic Bus

Genting Club in Manchester? Wow.

Old Trafford! ;)

The best seats in the house


Remember this? Well, if you don't CLICK HERE to refresh your memory. ;)

The tourguide. Forgot his name though. =P

Inside Old Trafford

In the changing room

If only~

100 years!

In memory of the officials and players who lost their lives in the Munich air disaster on the 6th February 1958.

What lucky buggers getting featured in the Old Trafford Museum. Nasi lemak became the highlight! =9


Awww.. We left before the match started! =(

Shopping at Market Street

Exchange Square

Hard Rock Cafe

Having breakfast while waiting for the gate to open.
(The plane in the picture is not our flight)


Off to Amsterdam

On the way to Amsterdam via Easyjet


We're back in Amsterdam! We had almost 12 hours in Amsterdam that we decided to take another stroll around the town.

We were dead bored this time because we didn't know what to do exactly and plus we were almost broke at this point.

In the end, we decided to just walk around, eat breakfast and lunch, and took the river cruise. Seriously, we didn't know what else to do. The river cruise was so relaxing that both of us end up sleeping instead of sightseeing! LOL!

By 6 PM, we made our way back to the airport. Checked in, and board our flight back to Malaysia at 9 PM. Goodbye UK, goodbye Europe! Hello Malaysia!

It was a good trip indeed. Bro was a really good companion, seriously! He didn't even complain about anything and not one fight broke during this trip! Unlike the trips I had with bB, bro just follow along anything I say or where I want to go. Seriously. He is the best! ;))

Colourful condoms, I have to say. 


Sadly, it was closed. Open only at 5PM. =(

Look at the price!!! €17.50 for a plate of Nasi Lemak?!!! CRAAAAAYYYZYYYYYY!!
*Click picture to enlarge*

Opt for a €7 pizza instead... ;)

River cruise


hanging out by the canal. Dead bored by this hour.

Last pictures with Centraal Station

On the way to the airport. Yup. Pretty sad.

HELP!! I'm sucked in! just being silly...

Bro with the lovely KLM stewardesses at KLIA

We arrived KLIA the next morning. KLM was great. Thank God all their dishes had choices of fish or vegetarian since I didn't realised we were flying with KLM on the way back and was too late to request for halal meals.

Anyway, we had a good trip indeed. I guess, this will be the last trip before work starts, and it's coming soon. Finally, I get my good rest at home, interview passed and now, I'm just waiting for the letters to arrive home.

To tell you the truth, I am very very scared to start work and I'm sure once I start working, travelling will be less. But I still hope I would still have time to update my blog.

Till the next posts guys! :)


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Anna,

I'm thrilled for you that you went to Old Trafford!! You've got some amazing photos! The last time I went there was back in the early 90's and it looked very different (smaller) then. It has grown a lot and I'd love to get back there again some day with my family.

Primark really is the best place to go shopping - my mum loves that store!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Oh! I really recommend it! The stadium tour were magnificent!! You really should bring your family.. and yeah, they did a lot of upgrading!

I'd be shopping at Primark all the time too I think, if i were to live in UK. =P said...

Funny to see someone else's comments about a city you know. Manchester has undergone a lot of regeneration in recent years.

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