Monday, May 26, 2008


sorry, i haven't been able to update this.. i am really busy, exams coming up.. [I'm stealing some time here..] huhuh..

anyway, UEFA Cup Finals was held in Moscow on the 21st of May (which also the date of Backstreet Boys concert in Moscow) and i could go to neither of them.. because:

  1. tak cukup duit.. :(

  2. exams coming up

Mainly it's because I'M BROKE! i just paid my flight ticket so i am left with nothing.. :( i have to wait next month for my allowance.. hrmm..

ok, back to the main story.. although i didn't get to go to the real match in LUZHNIKI STADIUM, i did get to go to the fan festival.. i went on TUESDAY.. the fan fest was held from Saturday to Wednesday.. This UEFA finals match is BIG.. and i mean REALLY BIG! why? because it's between MANCHESTER UNITED AND CHELSEA! and you could just imagine..

there was so many English fans coming to Moscow to watch the game.. I usually hear Russian.. but that day, i was hearing English - which not something u experience everyday in Moscow.. huhu.. but - there weren't any hooligans roaming around Moscow..

There wasn't really like a lot of things there.. we just took a lot of pictures.. got like museums, shows, football match, merchandise booth, etc.. just like a basic carnival would look like.. huhu..

anyway, here's some pics to say it all..

*entrance to the fan festival*

*I'm in MOSCOW*

*Chelsea booth*

*Manchester United booth*

*a big version of the finale ball*


*Merchandise booth - i bought some stuffs here*

*some school kids playing football*

*Chelsea mascot*

just so you know, i am not routing for any of the clubs.. i'm neutral.. huhuh..

A few of my friends got free tickets and it was in the VIP SEATS! lucky buggers.. i have no idea how they got them but they got them.. cess..

later that day, after we're bored with the carnival, we went to the park nearby.. tulips were growing everywhere and they were gorgeous!! It's not everyday u could see flowers that much in Moscow.. It snows here from November to April.. huhu.. those flowers made my day.. :)

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