Thursday, May 15, 2008

♥hAPPy BiRtHDay bB♥

yup.. he's already 22.. huhu..

what can i say about my boyfriend? huhu... sometimes or most times, he can be a pain in the ass.. so stubborn, so lazy, so annoying, so tak boleh diharap! well, not all the time.. but sometimes he can be caring and loving and sweet and cute and adorable and helpful too... i ♥ him.. no matter what.. :P i do hope that this relationship works because i don't want to spend another 5 years or more and in the end it doesn't work out.. I am all committed now.. I am no more the playful girl I'm use to be.. ☺

well, all of us are growing up and learning about each other.. me and b, we're building our relationships.. and of course there's the ups and downs of it.. that is what i call memories.. the important thing is we love each other.. but of course not more that our family.. unless of course the both of us are already "di-ijab-kabul-kan".. :þ huhuhu~ well, that is still a long way to go.. now is focusing on our mind is our studies and later work.. kalau ade jodoh, kerja dah stable, duit dah cukup, boleh beli rumah... - ok2.. lets just cut it until there.. because u see, i have fantasies about my marriage.. hehehe.. and in order to make that fantasy to come true, well.. lets just say i need more preparations.. tapi, kalau jodoh datang awal, ape salahnye? hukhuk~ :þ

OK2.. back to his birthday.. well, we went out for dinner on Sunday, his birthday is on the 12th May but 12th May is on Monday.. and we have class.. so on Sunday, we went for Dinner in a Korean Restaurant called Jasmin.. The place was quite classy and comfortable.. very nice..
bB ordered Ikan bakar ( i don't remember what its called in the menu) but it was Ikan bakar.. I had умрайс (Umrais - something that resembles nasi goreng pattaya) and sushi.. it was a lot.. we couldn't finish everything.. it was very satisfying..

later that night, at 12 a.m, i brought the birthday cake to his room.. the cake tasted good! he blew the candles and we cut the cake..☺

*okay..i look fat in this pic, i have no idea why*

his friends came into the room around 12.30 a.m with a surprise! they even surprised me! they were all wearing slack pants and shirt with tie.. i don't know what was going on there.. and B was already in his Pjs (which was t-shirt and boxers).. but his friends looked good.. haha.. they took pictures, eat some munchies, told some funny stories, and some were really funny too! although, i always find warren's laugh a bit fake.. huhu.. dont know why, maybe its just the way he is? idk..

*yeah.. the pic is blurry, i didn't took it properly.. huhu.. do forgive me*

after his friends had all gone back to their rooms, i went up to my room, and brought him CUPPY CAKES!!! hehehe.. i ordered from Kak Adele.. they were really good!! and also a sparkle juice..

*I♥A stands for Irfan ♥ Anna*

the birthday party ended at 3 a.m.. huhu..

and the next day.. both of us fell sick.. huhu.. and we're still recovering.. :þ

[*hugs&kisses* for bB]


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