Monday, May 5, 2008


pheww~ finally, all that hassle with dancing and organizing the Malaysian Nite is over!! I can go back to my normal routine.. no more dancing, no more making gifts, no more finding money.. uhuu... well, it had passed for sometime now... hehe.. i just didn't have the time to update..

the night went well, although we had some technical problem where the projector wasn't working and some of the 6th years wasn't called out.. huhu.. kesian diorang.. hurmm..

everyone said that my opening and closing dance was great!! YEAY!! although it was a bit kelam kabut at the beginning.. i was late to be the MC for the lucky draw, so Jivan had to ganti for me.. uhuu.. coz i was still busy getting ready after the dance.. i have to look gorgeous u know~ anyway, i am so very lazy to write.. so I'll put up the pics.. *wink*

*the batch which made it happened*

*the opening dance - as u can see, there's me..hehe*

*me and bB*

*bB's band also performed that night - Tesla Koil (he's the bassist)*

*me and my groupmates looking hot.. hehe*

*me and Jivan as MCs, we were interviewing the nominees of MASSAD King and Queen*

*warren, keen,irfan,me,rafiq at the end of the day*
Although there are more of what was going on and there were more performances that night, I am just lazy to upload it.. huhu.. u can see the pics on flickr though! Here’s the link:

And do wish me luck for my upcoming exams! First paper is on the 30th May.. huahuahua~ I have to get back to studying..


~aiMi~ said...

hey, the photo of u and ur bb is soooooo adorable! :P
and u look, drop-dead gorgeous hehe

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hehehe.. thanks!