Wednesday, May 28, 2008

at the edge of my seat

My exams starting this Friday - MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY.. and i just got my credit today!! yeay! Alhamdulillah~ so i am qualified to do the exam this Friday.. heee.. so, i just need to start studying.. and that my friends, is not an easy thing to do.. hurmm.. eheh..

oh shit! i cuak giler skarang ni and i sempat lg nak update blog? @_@

anyway, Grey's Anatomy season finale was last week.. and let me tell u this, WHAT A BIG FINALE IT WAS!! it was great! a mixture of sadness and happiness put in together.. it was by far the best finale to date!!

there was too many kissing scenes it actually made my head spins.. haha!

so i have to wait till September till the new season begins..

in the meantime, for summer TV watching time.. i am turning to weeds.. it's a really cool series about the business of drug dealing.. the series is like desperate housewives but with a twist.. if u watch it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.. huhu.. season 4 starting this June.. can't wait!

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Tokei Kedai said...

congrate :)

one of many more to come in the future... but no worry thou :)