Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aduhai, Tanahairku..

"The race was cancelled amid confusion in the grandstand, with fans throwing bottles to show their initial displeasure."

Ahh.. the mentality of my nation. You see someone just got hit by 2 motorcycles and lying on the track, a sudden RED FLAGGED announcement and we decided to throw bottles. Great attitude people and the news gets into BBC. Great. Just great.

Obviously an event won't get cancelled for no reason. Especially these kind of events!

It's the same situation I encounter when I went to Malaysia vs Singapore for World Cup Qualifying Match in Summer. I'm not sure if the situation would have been different if Malaysia had won, but why the hell would you throw paper cups and water bottles filled with water down the balcony. Seriously, people were getting wet! Bottles hitting people's head! No compassion at ALL! sheeshhh..

FULL STORY on Italian rider Marco Simoncelli HERE

Rest In Peace Marco Simoncelli

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