Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Trust me"

I have this small habit of lying. LYING, not making up stories. I don't make up stories. I mostly lie when I feel lazy to answer about something. Yeah, I know it's weird and I can't really explain why.

Example 1:
The other day, my friend asked me,
Friend: "baru mandi ke?" (did you just had a bath?)
Me: "tak lah" (no).
Friend: "kenapa rambut depan basah?" (why is your front hair wet?).
Me: "Oh, sebab basuh muka" (Oh, because I washed my face).

The truth was, I did bathe before I came down, but my friend came like an hour later. So I think in my mind was, I didn't just had a bath. It was a while ago, and I didn't thought that my hair was still wet. Since I already answered "No", I just wen't and created a little lie. :-p

Example 2:
"Kaklong, mama keluar ke?" (did mama wen't out?) my brother asked.
I answered "ha'ah" (yup).
Suddenly my mom came out from the back room. LOL!
I didn't know where my mom were, but I was lazy to answered him, and I wen't straight to "yup"..

Example 3:
My mom: Kaklong, kenapa nasi ni macam lembik? (I don't remember her actual term, but it's not lembik) Macam nasi mama rendam semalam. (Kaklong, why is the rice look porridge-y? They look like the rice I soaked last night) [In her term should be thrown away]
Me: Oh, maybe sebab terlebih air kot? (Maybe I added too much water)

Ok. This was a total lie because I was completely CUUUUUAAAAAKKKKK!!! I didn't even saw the soaked water and the rice didn't even smell like it was spoiled! Thank God, no one had stomach ache.
P/s: I was 17 at that time, and didn't know how differentiate or cook rice properly. So my mom bought it. Rasa bersalah sangat!!! >.<

So yeah. That's me. As far as I can remember, I've been doing this since primary school. It has become a habit! There's actually more. Especially conversation between me and bB. but I forgot most of them because there's too many and didn't make much impact like these ones and also most of the time, bB caught me lying. He's so good at knowing me! Even my mom can't tell, he can. WTF. Or maybe my mom can, but she just leaves it at that. ;-p

So, if I answer something, you better just make sure I'm not lying. hahahaha.. :-p

I really don't know why I'm confessing about this in my blog. ;-p


petite girl said...

that's not lying!

that's finding a way out!haha

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

haha. not really! Like example 1 and 2, I actually don't need to lie or find a way out, and yet, I said something else.. hahaha..

yang 3rd tu mmg kira finding a way out lah.. :P