Saturday, November 12, 2011

Circle Of Light Festival 2011

I absolutely forgot to update about the Circle of Light Festival, which was held from 21st October 2011 to 23rd October 2011 at Red Square and Gorky Park.

I found out about it by accident, because we were supposed to have a batch photoshoot at Moscow State University and Red Square on Saturday, but the photographers(the almost professionals one, they're my batchmates as well. Not the hired one) asked if there were any event going on in Red Square that we might interfere with. So I was googling around and found out about the event.

The photographers wen't straight after our batch photoshoot. They invited me to come along, but I was too tired and cold. So I didn't go along.

It was until they posted it on their facebook the pictures they took that night was I really regretting it. It was so beautiful!!! And I was asking around if anyone wants to come along with me.

In the end, I tagged along Tita, Aznira, Iqa, Elyn, Dalila, Syafiqah and Afif. We went the next day. hehe..

It was a fun night in deed! Something different with different set of people. They were really outgoing and awesome.

The whole Red Square is set up with lights and surround sound systems. It almost felt like an Alien Spaceship is coming down to land, invade or abduct us!!! >___<

But some of the songs they played, were so romantic, I felt sad that bB wasn't there. There were a lot of couples kissing under the night sky, full of light and music. Argh! I'm jealous! >__<

Anyway, I had a really fun night. Too bad I missed the Closing Ceremony at Gorky Park. We were lazy to walk to 2 places in one night. My friend said, it was the most spectacular fireworks they had ever seen! They synchronized the fireworks with the music. I can imagine how awesome it must've be. I really hope they'll be more awesome events like this in Moscow. I'm really sad to say this is my final year. Here's some photo.

Us, with some friends with MSMU. I looked like I had the time of my life! ;D 
(My friend's awesome photographic skills)

More photos and videos in my facebook!

and here's more photo on the Opening Ceremony (which I also missed) and Closing Ceremony.

Here's a video of the event I found from their website. This is the opening ceremony. The day I went it was almost the same as this. The only difference was there was no one dancing on the stage and there were full of people in the Square. Enjoy! :)

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