Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My cousin asked me if I have any single friends to match-make with one of her friends. So I gave a few names with their facebook profile.

After a while she said, 'better with no tudung(hijab)'. I LOLed. I mean like, really?

I wonder why is it so important about the girl's attire. Whether she wears a hijab or not. Even for my brother (the older one). He likes girls with no hijab. When asked "why?", he said he doesn't like girl with curly hair. So, he's like, "if she covers her hair, how would I know if she has curly or straight hair?".. Right. what if she straightened her hair?? hrmmm...

Well, anyway. I see that not all guys like and want girls who cover their hair. Or maybe they're like mine. Being with a free-hair girl, and kept asking, "when are you going to cover your hair?". That is just so freaking annoying. But I don't think my bro is like that. He never said anything to my mom about her not wearing hijab even though she's 50 years old.

Whatever said, men are shallow. Doesn't matter if the girl is covering her hair or not. In the end, all they want is a pretty face. And later find out, that you need a pretty heart to go along with it too. Pretty face first though. Never the heart. Then when the girl breaks his heart. tadaaaa.. yeah. That's what you get for being shallow. cheers~


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petite girl said...

Omy omy. i second all you've said!