Friday, November 11, 2011

Once a Century

It's that date that everyone wants to make it into something special.

Nothing special for me though. Although, I got a cheque from bB for RM1111.11! Weeeeee! (He's paying back the loan I gave him. bayaran hutang ye kawan2. bukan wang tunang, bukan wang hantaran nikah, bukan nak beli cinta, bukan saje2. Bf saya tak cop duit. tapi ada extra bonus ah sbb dia nak bagi nombor cantik :-P)

And also today is my groupmate Sasha's birthday! So we had a little celebration at Daigon after class with Shantina and Anusya. Lovely place with excellent food! Yummmm... ;)

Also.. We're gonna have a "cake cutting ceremony" at 11:11 PM tonight at her place. Awesome. ;D

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