Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twenties Girl

So, my birthday was 3 days ago. I didn't update anything because I had my 1st exam paper today. Which went pretty well.

Anyway, I didn't have any major birthday party or anything because of the exams. Yeah. Bummer. Every year my birthday falls on exam's month since I came to Moscow. heh.

bB made a little surprise for me, where he asked Fareez to specially deliver a birthday cake for me. So he sang happy birthday and I cut the cake while skyping at 8pm Moscow time and 12 am Malaysian time. Yeah.. That's long distance for you I supposed. huhu.. He had to sleep early because he had to work. So we celebrated my birthday according to Malaysian time. huhu.

Since my hostel is doing re-wiring, and currently their re-wiring my floor. So, I'm staying at my Sasha's room for a week. So she and her blockmates made pancake for me, and we had another candle-blowing-birthday celebration at 12 midnight Moscow time. hehe...

And OH! My mom made this really cute card for me! It's really cute!!! My mom always has been very creative. How else would she be so awesome at her job, right?! ^_^

Isn't it cute?! ^_^

Well, this year's celebration is small but quite special too. Even though we're far apart, we're always have each other's hearts. I miss you all! :')

PS: Still waiting for my sister's card to arrive. She made a card for me too! ^_^


shogunn_general said...

haha january babies macam kita ni memang kena suffer banyak in terms of birthday timing hehe :p

Faza said...

hii.. hepy belated besday anna :)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

@naqqib. tu la pasal.. ;( tapi baik birthday January dari June kot? ahaa.. :P

@faza. thank you babe! :))