Monday, January 2, 2012

New Soul

First post of 2012!! woot woot!

Happy new year to those who're still on holidays and enjoying the New Year. ;)

As for me, I need to start STUDYING!!!! My exam's will be on 18th and 24th January. >.< How I wish I could skip those exams and wen't straight to my winter trip. But they're state exams! State Exams means, if you fail, you have to repeat the whole semester all over again... HUWAARGH! Doesn't that makes you feel better? NOT! As scared as I am, I find it very hard to start studying. Oh God, help me! My batchmates said, 6 years are taking it's toll, but I think I'm just being lazy. I hope my momentum is coming soon! I really need them!!

Anyway, now I'll be announcing where I'm going this winter break:

We'll be stopping by MADRID to MARRAKECH, to BARCELONA to LISBOA and back to Madrid before flying off to Moscow. These places are the reason I can't concentrate on the papers in front of me, because I keep wanting to search about the cities and make itineraries. Usually, my bB makes the bookings, the itineraries, the tours. I just follow. I'll be going with 4 more girls. Since I'm the leader for this trip, I'm a bit worried, because guys are usually more organize and has better sense of directions. That's why I'm like studying the cities one by one, so we won't get lost or waste energy. I really should transfer this energy to the exams coming up!! >_<

So wish me the best of luck for my finals and my winter trip! ^_^

Oh yeah. The city you all thought was San Francisco, it's actually Lisboa in Portugal. The bridge called 25 de Abril Bridge is actually a twin of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. It was built by the same company that built the Golden Gate Bridge. Google it! ;-D