Monday, January 9, 2012

Life is Short

‎"How often do we hear others say, “Oh, I’ll travel when I retire,” “I’ll travel when the kids are grown,” “I’ll travel when the house is paid off”? I hear these excuses all the time. But you know what happens? Age. And stress. And, well, life. Life happens, and by the time you retire and your kids are grown and your house is paid off, you have bad knees and weak lungs and you simply can’t visit all those places you dreamed about in your youth."

That's why I'm walking, till I can't walk no more and spending every penny I have. Because memories can't be bought, and we can't bring wealth to death.  What I have is enough, if I can put food in my mouth and pay my bills. If Allah swt decides to give me more, I'll be more than ever grateful.

I want to see the world while I can walk. Even when I'm married and have children. I will bring my children to every places that I go. I won't wait for them to grow up. Money can be found. But time, we can never get back the time that we lost.

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