Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh Babies!

Patient's mom: Doktor, doktor dah ada anak ke?
Me: Belum... Kahwin pun belum
Patient's mom: Ohhh.... ye ke? Pandai la pegang baby.. Saya pun tak reti camne nak pegang..
Me: ...... *smile* (dah hari2 pegang baby, camne tak terer >_<)

Oh babies.. they're fragile, but they're very very flexible.. =D

The only thing that make Paeds fun, is playing with the babies...

I feel bad everytime I have to poke these cute little creatures!


petite girl said...

OMYGOD PLEASE please munch the cheeks for me!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

seeing their cute faces is what makes this job fun! haha.. hari2 dapat cubit pipi diorang.. :P