Monday, April 7, 2008


huhu.. i have been stopped from watching the news.. why? because i put politics into my relationship... hahahahaha!

yeah.. we sort of been fighting a lot lately..

i'm the kind of person who get influence by the media a lot.. huhuhu.. so, watching the news mean i put anything related with most things politics into my relationship.. so ipan watch the news whenever im not around or when im sleeping.. huhuhu.. he wont on the news otherwise.. LOL~

so the blog,, will be his for now.. coz i dont really know what's up with malaysia lately.. ahakss.. no comment.. [for now]

*enjoy the vid* ;)


farisa zaffa razak said...

ohoho...i think i've checked that ipanna blog.
ic, u want one for ur own eh.
great. continue post stuff ok!
my stuff is all bout my life. haha

~anna~ said...

hehe.. he stopped me from watching the news.. i'm stucked with romantic movies now.. hehe..

~aiMi~ said...

intro some russian videos lah :P
i love languages. haha

~anna~ said...

russian vids? haha.. i miss malaysia lah..that's y i put malaysian vid.. huhuhu.. when im back in malaysia i'll put russian vid.. maybe dima bilan's punye music video.. *wink*