Thursday, April 3, 2008

what's up?

uhuu.. a new blog..

i used to had one.. a friendster blog.. but i deleted it because.. owh.. i dont know why.. irfan had such a problem that i wrote too many bad things about him.. yeah.. im very emo.. so i deleted it.. though, i regretted it very much.. 3 years worth of blogging just suddenly "poof".. gone! *sigh* no use regretting it now.. "nasi dah menjadi bubur"... so.. a new blog it is! and some new thoughts too.. hehehe... *wink*

i love to write.. and im bored of using my diary alrdy because.. maybe there is just the place where i keep my secret.. and really.. i just want people to know what my thoughts are.. and i have so many things going on inside my head!! :D

so.. WELCOME MISS ANNA, and enjoy writing.. heee... :)


~aiMi~ said...

wee. i've found ur blog? i'll link u! :) hehe. keep writing k?;)

~anna~ said...