Thursday, April 10, 2008

mind, body and soul

i am seriously going insane!! i am so damn tired!!

y? because there's just too many occasion going on and i'm performing.. my legs and my arms feels like it couldn't move anymore.. thank God no one approached me to perform during Spring Festival!! i am alrdy performing 2 performance for Malaysian Night which in on the 9th of May and for M-nite on the 26th of april.. (@.@)
not only that..irfan is making my mind so tired.. i decided not to see him tonight.. he's driving me crazy!! sasha said to me, "i dont know how you keep it up with him".. huhuhu.. the more i am patient with him, the more he's playing with my emotions.. and i must admit.. I AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON.. i think i just gave up on him.. just keeping quiet for the moment, and not pointing out any of his flaws.. well, i have flaws too.. but he's the guy.. huhuhu..

i'm sleeping more than i should..nowadays, im sleeping like 9 hours a day, and my studies.. hakhak.. don't ask, im trying to cope with performing and studies.. nasib baik there's only 1 more month to go..and then i can really, really focus!! huhuhu..

30th May will be my microbiology exams.. *sigh* naseb baik 2 papers je exam this sem.. microbiology and russian language..i hope i'll do well..

i have another dance practice in 1 hour.. i dont feel like going, but.. i dont want to disappoint anyone.. huhuhu..

don't get me wrong.. i like performing very much! its just that i think sometimes, it's just too much.. they kept calling me becoz it's so hard to find people that can dance..

[oh anna.. just hang on it for another few more month, then u can enjoy and pamper yourself in egypt.. hehehe..]

*this is my performance during last Malaysian Night, we did the evolution dance*

*it was definitely the best performance..we had the loudest applause from everyone, even the embassador gave a smile during our performance coz usually he always seem a little serious..huhu*

*note: the video isn't the full version.. only part of it, we dance to 7 songs in total.. and during sean paul's song, my earing dropped and i got lost with the steps a bit because i was searching for my earring.. was hoping no one would step on it.. and thank God, no one stepped on it..LOL~!!

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~aiMi~ said...

hahaha! u look so comfortable with the moves and all. cute giler :P

*adorable in pink!* :)