Monday, April 7, 2008

what's with that attitude?

Every person is different.. i understand that.. but i don't understand those people that can't tolerate.. [haha! speak for myself..]

Anyway, a friend or maybe 2, well, they're not talking to me because.. well, i think it's the only reason that they're upset with me.. if there are anything else that they're upset about, i can't think of anything besides the one thing that I'm thinking's because i ask them or persuade them to come to the batch game and support the batch...

i truly have no idea why it is such a big deal that i asked them or well persuade them to come to that occasion.. and i know they thought, why is it a big deal to even go to such occasion.. it's not compulsory.. it's not included in the curriculum plus points or anything.. its just something the students organize and got nothing to do with the university..

yes, that is true.. but you know.. once in a while, just loosen up a bit and you know, enjoy yourself.. u cant be anti-social for the rest of your life you know? just be supportive.. create the story of your life.. what have u done while u were in your young life?

"owh.. i went to school everyday, study every night.. "

that's it? haha..even that i doubt it..that would be as my other friend says it "it's like seeing white elephants", not that I'm saying that they doesn't excel in their studies.. their results are better than mine actually..haha..

well, to be angry of such thing just because i said that they're disappointing is just silly and childish.. well, they disappoint me... so if u disappoint let say, your parents for instance, you should be mad at them and not talk to them? shouldn't you be trying harder to prove yourself that u are better than what they said? huhuhu.. well, I'm just saying that those 2 girls are just being silly.. I'm just living my life.. and they have their own life.. if they don't want me to interfere..well, that's just fine with me.. but I'm not the one who break up relationships over some silly stuffs.. i just act normal.. i have nothing against them or what i have said.. people grow up, sooner or later.. and for them it's later..obviously..

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